Ditra Heat

Schluter Systems has done it again by introducing Ditra Heat as the most innovative technology for floor warming systems to date. Ditra Heat is the only electric floor warming system that integrates uncoupling technology. We all understand that floors move, expansion and contraction, some locations more than others and when a heat element is added the movement of the floor is more dramatic. Schluter Systems Ditra Mat is a crack isolation membrane that makes floors less susceptible to cracks in the tile and grout joints. Our staff has always suggested to place Ditra above any electric floor warming system to ensure the tile floor would be unaffected by the added movement. Ditra Heat combines the two elements together.

Why Ditra Heat over other electric floor warming systems?

  • You can choose where the cables are placed and where they are unnecessary. No longer do you need to measure for a “custom” heat mat and wait 2-3 weeks for production.
  • No self leveling
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost effective

Visit our showroom and our knowledgeable staff will help with any questions and installation instructions. We currently stock Ditra Heat Mat, thermostats and an array of different cable lengths. Get your weekend project started today!

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