Why Choose Us?


The quality of the installation products we stock are very important to us. We have highly researched all the products that we sell with quality and efficiency of installation in the forefront.  A quality installation is directly reflective of the products used on the project.

Let us be your guide for learning the newest methods of installation.  The tile industry changes rapidly which effects the way tile needs to be installed.   The tile, stone, glass etc, is only part of a successful installation.

Glens Falls Tile & Supplies featured products include:


We have great relationships with local builders. They know that we will take excellent care of your customers and lead the builder and the homeowner in the right direction for long term success. Whether now or in the future, we look forward to working with you.


We stay updated with the latest innovative products in the tile industry. Contact us to talk about how Glens Fall Tile and Supplies can help you achieve your goals with your residential or commercial project.


Our showrooms are always changing. Please stop in either of our two locations to view the latest displays and products so every job can be unique.

Professional Testimonials

As the owner / operator of Just Tile, I have known Craig professionally for twenty years. Craig and the team at Glens Falls Tile & Supplies have always provided my customers with outstanding service not just from the initial contact, but throughout the entire project to its completion and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I feel comfortable referring customers as the showroom offers a wide variety of quality products to meet any style or budget, including the latest products in the industry. The staff regularly attends conferences to update their knowledge of the products that they offer. Craig also supports installers by hosting seminars locally on new products like the Schluter shower systems. I look forward to working with Craig and the team at Glens Falls Tile for years to come.
– Robert Spellacy, Just Tile

We have been using Glens Falls Tile for many years both professionally and personally. The staff offers top notch customer service and are some of the friendliest and fun people we use on our jobs. Because let’s face it, we all want to enjoy our jobs and these people certainly make what I do a pleasure. They go above and beyond any normal level of customer service out there and back their products. A wonderful example is a few years ago we were designing a house to be in the Saratoga Showcase of Homes and selected a new tile product for a rather large fireplace. There were install issues and the installer just wasn’t getting the job done. Craig and Bernie stepped in and installed the tile. Now if that isn’t working as a team I don’t know what is because that certainly wasn’t in their job description! I was impressed with them before, but after I knew I’d be a client for life. I just can’t say enough to sing their praises.
Chris Liberty, East Elm Interiors, LLC