Steam Cleaning Floors

Over the years we have had numerous customers complaining about their grout becoming dirty / stained and having a difficult time cleaning it. The first question we ask is, “What are you cleaning your floors with?” More and more we are getting a consistent response, “I am using a steam mop.” Quickly we have found the source of their frustration. More than not we find out that they started seeing their grout getting dirtier since they started using their steam mops, but they did not make the correlation.

Steam mops do a great job at breaking down the dirt on the surface of the tile but where does the dirty water go, IN YOUR GROUT!!

Did you have epoxy grout installed for ease of cleaning but you are finding that the grout is discoloring or separating from the tile? Why? Epoxy grout is removed by adding heat. The steam mop is heating up your grout and instead of cleaning it, you are removing it little by little. The picture below is showing a example of epoxy grout that is shrinking.

Epoxy grout shrinkage

We suggest to vacuum your floor first and then mop. Using cleaners that are for tile flooring specifically. We recommend SCI Tile and Grout Cleaner that does NOT leave a haze on your floor that dirt will stick it. Most cleaners that you purchase in the grocery store leave a haze that dirt clings to and makes it more difficult to clean your floor.